Where does the water from my home's sump pump drain?

The water from your home's sump pump drain, drains out in the yard as it is only ground water, so it is safe to do so.

Are water softeners bad for my septic system?

No. The worst thing to go down in the septic system is bleach products.

How can I make my water heater last longer?

To help in maximizing the lifespan of your water heater you can drain the water heater once a year, add an expansion tank, and replace the Anode rod.

Why do my light bulbs blow out frequently?

If light bulbs are blowing out frequently it is because they have not been properly installed.

Can I live in my house while it is being remodeled?

This will largely depend on the type of remodeling project that is being done. Contact Kip's Home Improvement for more information into all details pertaining to home remodeling projects.

What features should I plan to invest the most in for my new kitchen?

The features to invest the most in when it comes to a kitchen remodeling would be your appliances.

What's the better cabinet choice-particleboard or plywood?

Plywood, due to it having a more efficient construction longevity for being able to hold in screws and other mechanical fasteners.

What type of tile should I use for my bathroom floor and shower?

The type of bathroom floor tile that you should use should have a little grip to it, as a glazed tile can be very slick. Shower floor tile should be the same, however this will depend on the drain style.

What types of deck customizations are available?

There are many different customizations, it depends on what the homeowner is looking for. Call Kip's Home Improvement today and we can walk through some different deck customizations and find the one that best suits your desired deck vision.

Does it matter which type of composite decking I choose?

Yes, when it comes to choosing the correct composite for decking this will depend on the item's location, the amount of sun exposure, and your financial budget for the project.